Our Vision

Is to manage physical and human resources

in order to upgradethe living standard of

the people in Ehetuwewa division through efficient,

effectively and just public service.

Our Mission

Is to upgrade the living standard of the people 

 through efficient, Sustainable  and planned

development process with

people participation and providing government services

according to the government policies.


History of Ehetuwewa Divisional Secretariat.

Ehetuwewa division can be named as one of the villages coming down from the time of the region of king Dutugamunu one of the greatest kings(161- 137 BC) of Anuradhapura era of Sri Lanka.It has been proved from historical legends that prince Saliya, the son of king Dutugemunu who unified Sri Lanka , married Ashokamala secretly and lived in this village. 

It can be seen that they were living around "Galgiriya kanda"(a mountain) and had made this area a flourising zone with paddy fields,tanks and irrigation systems.According to this tanks and water division  schemes have  been establish from various channels coming down from "Galgiriya kanda" (Sri Lanka's longest solilay mountain.Later  human settlements had come up.According to the evident of village , one of the water ways coming down from "Galgiriya kanda" during the rain season had fallen in to a pond called "Midella". The water overflowing from the pond had been checked with a dam near a very large "Ehetu"(Ficas) tree.From this a tank had been created.This tank was called "Ehetugaha wewa" (The tank near the Ehetu tree).Later ,this name has been shorten down "Ehetuwewa" for easy pronunciation.

According to the changes of kingship of Sri Lanka,Yapahuwa period starts from 1272 A.D. This was the forth chapter and king Buwanekabahu() became the first king of the kingdom of Yapahuwa.Though this was a period of cause and upheaved in our history, Yapahuwa can be set to be a central place of kingship.

Up to the period of Sri Lanka becoming a British colony after taking king Sri wickrama Rajasingha in to custody, the administration of Sri Lanka was carried on by privillaged eluss of people. But the British change this Sinhalease  Administrative system to income/earning. controlling units, according to their purpose of starting commercial crop cultivation, (maintain them and to export them) necessary for their mother country and to maintain them and to export them. According to the Sri Lankan Administrative system up to the time of Sri Lankan becoming a crown colony was division of the country in to the ' ' pattu '' under a divisional chiefs.The British change this administrative units in to revenue divisions.The Maho revenue division belongs to the earlier Sinhala Wannihatpattuwa.There were several Sinhala Pattu for a British district.The cheif of a district was known as "Rate Mahaththaya" .He was the district representative. Due to the decentralization of provincial  administration in 1963 a part of Maho division was combined with Galgamuwa division of a part to Nikeweratiya division. Galgamuwa divisional secretariat consist of 97 sub divisions of very large land area and it was found very difficult for the public to get their work done'These difficulties obstracted  in the development process and the attention of the authorities was focus in adequately. Therefore ,since that time the public did not received expected benefits from the development programs implemented by the government.

According to the notion the "to develop villages the government as well as other organizations must perform development activities with the public and in close proximity to them. "A separate divisional secretariat came in to being with Ehetuwewa as the center on 5th December 1998 with the invitation of the deputy minister of irrigation Mr. Bandula Basnayake ,Hon.Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs Mr.Rathnasiri Wickramanayake opened this divisional secretariat as a sub office.Later on 29 th August ,2000 Ehetuwewa Divisional Secretariat was establish with all administrative facilities.
Role performed at Divisional Secretary


From To

Mr.  W.M.Jayawardhane

1998 1999

Mr.  U.A.C. Gunawardhane

1999 2001

Mr. R.I.P.R.P. Rathnamalla

2001 2002

Mr. S. Nanayakkara

2002 2004

Mr. R.M.Wanninayake

2005 2006

Mr. K.L.N. Sahabandu

2006 2007

Mr. W.M.Wijesingha

2007 2017

Mr.  W.G.W. Wanasingha

2010 2013

Mrs. K.C.S. Fernandoo

2014 2017

Mr.  W.R.W.R.Welipitiya

2017 2020

Mrs. P.M.S.P. Pathiaraja (acting)

2020       2021
Mrs. Renuka P Wijerupa 2021 up to date

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Let's avoid covid - 19

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